Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015

It is not easy to answer this question, because there are happening a lot of very impressing things each day. Now choosing the most important topic of the whole last year in which incredibly much happened is much more difficult. But after having  thought about this for a while, I found  something. For me the topic I wanted to take had to do with people all over the world -otherwise it would not important enough. My topic is the increasing number of refugee.


Refugees flee from everywhere. In every part of this world there are people who can not  bare living in their country anymore. There are some examples.

In the last year there were a lot of old and new crisis situations, people who used to lead a normal life in their countries, which they called their homes and which they adored in reason of their culture, tradition and landscape, had to move in reason of danger. I am giving some examples so that I can make my point more precise. As you know, in the beginning of the last year, Russia occupied the Crimea, which was once part of the Ukraine. By doing this, Russia changed the political system of the once ukrainian part, it forced the people living there to live like a Russian. Everybody who was not pleased about according to Russian regulations- which mean a big limitation of freedom in every way – had to get away. It sounds like a very strong expression, but you may call the migrants from the Crimea political refugees, or refugees who were scared to stay in reason of their sexuality or political persuasion.
 Another example for refugees is of course the new crises in the Middle East. ISIS is trying to build up an Islamic State in Iraq, because of many brutal  fights between the Islamic State and the ones who disagree on their fanatic ideas, many people had to leave there houses and homes- as refugees.
 In general, human from all over the world want to have a convenient life with a high quality of living.  Many people from Africa go on dangerous boat trips, with the aim of reaching Europe, within their minds the illusion of building up a better life here. A big part of them leave not on account of war, but on account of the bad economical situation in their countries.
All in all you can see, that there are all over the world people who have to flee from their homes. Every war, every economical problem, every discrimination creates new refugees. In consequence, that is a topic which was not only important in the last year, but will be more and more important in the next years.

Lea Heinrich


  1. Ein Artikel zum für mich wichtigsten Thema des Jahres 2014 : Flüchtlinge
    Auf Englisch als Berwerbung für ein Planspiel verfasst, dachte ich mit, das der Artikel trotzdem thematisch zu CATO passen würde..

    1. Siehe dazu:
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  2. Well, I definitely agree that the refugee problems is one of the biggest problems the world has to face at the moment - the current situation in the Mediterranean being a case in point.

    Just one comment on your last paragraph: do you really think people would attempt a crossing of the Mediterranean, knowing that several thousand others have died in the attempt, simply because of "the illusion of a better life"? I somehow doubt that... Few humans would leave willingly leave their homes unless their situation was really desperate, especially with risks like that awaiting them. Yes, people want a convenient life. But that alone isn't enough to make somebody a refugee. You need something much, much worse for that.

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